Real Refreshing

by Kerry

Do you recognize this artwork style? Susan Winget is one of my faves when it comes to greeting cards designers. You may have seen or probably purchased her art in various forms from stores like Berean, JoAnn’s and even Cracker Barrel restaurants. She does everything from cards and calendars to wall decor, coasters, and so on. And as you can tell from the pic there’s a very berry-licious theme this week on her site, as well as new summery design debuts. Susan has a great story and awesome family values. Her work reflects true beauty inside and out. This humble artist is a shining example of one of those real deal persons I admire. She is real in the refreshing sense of no facades, an easy to see ‘this is who I am’ type of woman. And her artwork makes me happy. Love her! Find out more about Susan Winget art, and the artist herself, at or She’s also on Facebook, twitter and Pinterest.

Who are some of your favorite artists, designers, creators and why?