Welcome to Made For Real!

by Kerry

I’m so glad to be officially up and blogging! What a journey to get here. This has definitely been a work in progress long before I even realized. Many of you, through your comments on other blogs and from your own blogging homes, inspire me in the best ways – I’m so grateful to have literally stumbled upon this unique community.

So why am I doing this blog? Frankly, I need it. I need real in my life and to relate in the real. Some days my real is dirty diapers and laundry mounds! We all need to relate in the real. Relationships are vital in life. We all long to be recognized for who we are and what we work hard at, strive for, accomplish… We hope someone will relate to us in the tough times… We desire friendships.

Recognize. Relate. Reach out. We were made for this.

Excited for this continuing journey.

~ Kerry